Silent Hills Not Coming Until A Few Halloweens From Now


Happy Halloween, everyone! I hope you’re enjoying the day’s festivities however you decide to do so. Maybe you’re even playing scary Halloween-esque horror games? The interactive playable teaser, P.T., would be a great example of such a scary playing experience. However, if you were hoping to play the game it turned out to be, in Silent Hills, then unfortunately you have a great deal of time to wait.

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In a roundtable interview with Dread Central, hosted by Nerdist’s Jessica Chobot, film director and assistant game director to Silent Hills, Guillermo Del Toro, spoke to his passion for working in so many mediums, including in video games. “I try to collaborate with people I admire,” Del Toro explains. “Hideo Kojima on games because I want to learn from Hideo Kojima, with Pedro Almodovar producing because I want to learn from Pedro.”

When discussing the difference in directing a game like Silent Hills vs directing a film, Del Toro talks about his relationship with Hideo Kojima.

"We unfortunately were involved on a game that took about two and a half years’ pre-production with THQ that was called Insane, and then THQ went under before we could make the game, but I learned a lot there.With Hideo we are still in the early stages. I don’t think the game will come out for another couple of years. So I won’t be able to speak of that experience, but speaking from the experience at THQ, it gave me a lot of tools that I didn’t have that were very useful in planning the projects that I’m doing."

So there you have it; Silent Hills is still a few years away from completion, if not a literal couple of years. However long it takes, hopefully it will be ready in time for Halloween so that players can effectively “s— their paints” in terror!

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