Twitch, primarily dedicated to Metal Gear Solid V:..."/> Twitch, primarily dedicated to Metal Gear Solid V:..."/>

gamescom 2014: Kojima Talks About Silent Hills


During a Konami livestream on Twitch, primarily dedicated to Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain, Hideo Kojima spent the final segment of the show to talk briefly about Silent Hills.

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First off, quite humorously, P.T., the interactive teaser on PS4 that the Silent Hills reveal came from, stands for ‘playable teaser.’ Kojima’s hope was that it would take a few days for someone to figure it out. However, since The Phantom Pain was figured out to be a Metal Gear Solid game while the VGA’s were still going, he saw it as progress.

Furthermore, the Silent Hills teaser was intentionally downgraded in quality and gameplay elements in order to look like it was an independent game. The “s” in the “7780s Studio” that was throwing people off stood for Silent Hill (in Japanese gamer slang), while the “7780” is supposedly the game’s projected square footage. Expanding further, Kojima stated through a translator that he wants to make a game so scary that you don’t “pee your pants,” but “s— your pants,” while disregarding the idea of limiting the fear capabilities for sales reasons.

Unfortunately, with the game being so far away from completed development, Kojima wasn’t able to go that far into the details of Silent Hills gameplay, but it was enough to at least retain interest. The series has always been about balancing the horror of the surreal with the scariness factor, but to see them shift the scales towards scariness will be an interesting move. We’ll have to see how it plays out the further the game goes into development.

The P.T. teaser is still up on the PS4’s PSN, so check it out and try to finish out the game for yourself in the meantime.


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