Nintendo Gamecube Controller Adaptor Announced For Wii U


At the end of a video promoting the upcoming Super Smash Bros Invitational tournament, Nintendo has officially revealed a Gamecube Controller adaptor fit for use with the Wii U. It seems to be created purely with Super Smash Bros players in mind.

With many competitive Smash players using the Gamecube controller in order to properly play Super Smash Bros Melee in tournaments, it’s clear that Nintendo wants to bring the professional gaming scene over to their upcoming title. As if online play, competitive modes and custom move sets didn’t put a stamp on their pro-friendly stance already. As the above image indicates, using the adaptor will use USB slots, and features a Smash-specific controller. Hopefully that goes on sale alongside the game, too!

Even though the upcoming Super Smash Bros title is hitting the Nintendo 3DS this summer and on the Wii U this winter, I can honestly say I haven’t been more excited for a Wii U title. Yes, a lot of great games have come out for the Wii U already, but with a blockbuster title that has proven to move hardware consoles, and a relatively-weak slew of PS4 and Xbox One exclusives coming out during the remainder of the year, finally topped off with the marketable power of NFC figurines, it is in the coming months for the Wii U’s time to make up for heavy losses. This Gamecube Controller adaptor and Super Smash Bros will only help to start the momentum up again.

You can check out the Super Smash Bros Invitational on Tuesday, June 10th from 4 – 6:30 PM Pacific Time via Twitch.


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