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Nobuo Uematsu Wants To Make A New 2D RPG


Thanks to an interview with Games Talk, that was translated by Siliconera, we now know that Nobuo Uematsu essentially wants to “get the gang back together” and create a new 2D RPG game. That old gang, you ask? Why, none other than team members that worked on creating the finest entry in the Final Fantasy series; Final Fantasy VI.

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In the interview, Uematsu recalls meeting up with Final Fantasy creator Hironobu Sakaguchi to reminisce about the good old times of Final Fantasy VI, which Nobuo insists contains his favorite gaming works. As reminiscing begets more talking, the conversation shifted from thinking about the past to how they can make another 2D RPG in the future, in an attempt to surpass the excellence of Final Fantasy VI. Finally, near the end of the interview he suggests that he even pitched the idea to Square Enix in hopes of getting it done some time.

While I’m convinced that such a title would have Nobou Uematsu up to the task, considering how Square Enix has been handling 2D RPG’s lately, including the ghastly iOS port of Final Fantasy VI, I don’t have faith in Square Enix being able to hold up their end of the deal amicably. An answer to Final Fantasy VI (maybe even an adaptation or plot-revelant story branching off from that game) would work best as a digital release on something like PSN, Steam or eShop. Seeing how Square Enix did tell the story of Final Fantasy XIII in sprite form, it looks like the animation team can still get it done. There’s nothing more that I’d like to play than another Final Fantasy game in the 2D sprite work of the mid-90’s, however I’m not going to let my heart get broken again by Square’s management of the Final Fantasy series.

…Please get this done, Uematsu!

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