Let’s Recap Final Fantasy XIII Series In 16-Bit Fashion (Video)


When Square Enix gets it right, they REALLY get it right. So is the case with a recently-released highlights video showcasing the story of Final Fantasy XIII and XIII-2, recreated in the style of Final Fantasy VI’s 16-bit artistry.

The video is essentially a marketing attempt to get people hyped up for Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII, but boy did it ever woo fans of ol’ Squaresoft over.

For those who are not familiar with the plot of the Final Fantasy XIII series and are confused as to exactly what’s going on, welcome to the playing experience for everyone who did play the first two titles. Lots of Fal cie, l’cie, crystallization of character and oddly-specific time travel.

Despite my opinions of Final Fantasy XIII, the video does serve well to the fans of the SNES era of Final Fantasy. Those character sprites are a sight for sore eyes, especially after the less-than-spectacular abominations to come out of the mobile re-releases of Final Fantasy V and VI.

You see this, Square? People like this video because it brings them back to when you were a company that churned out great fantasy RPG’s every few years. Instead of updating the visuals of old games for mobile, how about create a 16-bit game for mobile platforms (as a separate team from the console team)? You’ve been attacking that market hard as of late, why not make a proper go at it with a new title?

Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII will conclude the Final Fantasy XIII saga when it releases in North America on February 11th. Check out the 16-bit recap below.


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