Pokemon ORAS Bundle Includes Odd In-Game Item Bonus


While I’ve always found it odd how Nintendo gets away with making two versions of the same game with different Pokemon availability (in order to incentivize unnecessary two purchases of a game instead of one), it seems like a great deal of people buy both versions of a Pokemon release anyways. Nintendo will make it easier by providing a Pokemon ORAS (Omega Red, Alpha Sapphire) bundle at launch, as confirmed in a press release.

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There are a select few things that make this Pokemon ORAS bundle such an oddity. First, the MSRP for the bundle is $79.98, indicating no savings whatsoever. Usually, when it comes to bundles, there is at least a minimal amount of money saved, even if it is in the single digits. It’s not like you’re getting absolutely nothing extra, however, as each game will feature 100 extra potion items for your character when you start a new game.

That’s right, 200 in-game potions that provide the least amount of health is the only true benefit that comes with purchasing Pokemon ORAS as a bundle over each game individually. With Nintendo only recently starting to branch out into pre-order incentives, Day 1 DLC and other ways of promoting unnecessary purchasing methods, it’s oddly fascinating how someone thought that it would be enough to convince a great deal of people to buy the bundle. I mean, people will buy a Pokemon ORAS bundle because they want to appreciate the Hoenn region of Pokemon play, but not because of the weakest health recovery item.

Pokemon ORAS will become available for purchase, both individually and as a bundle, on November 21st.

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