New Quantum Break Trailer Shows Off Gameplay


Remedy’s mysterious Xbox One exclusive Quantum Break has certainly had a lot of hype thrown behind it, but we haven’t been shown much in terms of actual gameplay. Creative Director Sam Lake runs commentary on this latest video of Quantum Break, which does finally some of that:

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The first bit looks like standard gunplay, but then you see how you can manipulate time to gain the advantage. You might think, “oh it’s just bullet time stuff” if you watch only the first couple of minutes, but Lake also talks about things like stopping bullets and then releasing them for maximum impact, and the video shows him slowing down a grenade so he can get out of the way of the explosion in time. It also shows off enemies that are essentially immune to time freezes thanks to special gear (and are also heavily outfitted with top of the line exoskeleton armor). Time collapsing also makes for some interesting set pieces to get through. Besides a vague date of 2015, we don’t really ave a solid idea of when we’ll be able to get our hands on Quantum Break, but it’s clearly a game Xbox One owners should be keeping an eye on.


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