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D4 ‘Never’ Coming To PS4, But Possibly To PC


Remember when the D4 release date was announced just a day before it actually came out exclusively on the Xbox One? Because of this stealth-reveal, we’re still getting pieces of information about the title from those who developed the game itself. Game Director Hidetaka Suehiro himself has been answering fan questions on Twitter, including one who was asking if the game would ever make its way to the PS4. His answer?

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However, when pushed about a possible PC version, he was quick not to outright reject that notion. Instead, he said, “I have to do PR of D4 now. Currently important thing.” While it’s certainly not in the immediate horizon for D4, with the likes of fellow Xbox One exclusives Dead Rising 3 and Ryse: Son of Rome also seeing PC releases almost a year later, the door isn’t necessarily shut for everyone who doesn’t own Microsoft’s newest gaming console.

I mean, it’s kinda silly to ask the game director of a Microsoft-Studios-published game if D4 will be released on Microsoft’s greatest competitor’s platform. However, the game is not selling nearly well enough to meet its standards, so it makes sense that a PC release will eventually take place. It’s a problem that’s followed Swery, who wrote and direct the cult-hit classic Deadly Premonition. It’s unfortunate, but that’s business. Opening up on PC seems to be best for getting the Swery name out to the gaming public, and I hope it happens sooner rather than later.

h/t GameSpot

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