TGS 2014: D4 Is Out Tomorrow


D4 is probably the weirdest game in the Xbox One line-up. It’s also one of the few to make heavy use of the controversial Kinect peripherial, though you can use a controller if you wish. If Deadly Premonition, the last game developed by Swery65 is anything to go by, it’ll at least be really weird and interesting (although not necessarily a good game).

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Well, both American and Japanese audiences won’t have to wait long to find out just how weird D4 is since it was announced at TGS that the game will release tomorrow for North American audiences and Friday in Japan as a digital-only release for $14.99 on the Xbox One. I doubt D4 will set the world on fire, but it will be something Xbox owners can point to as a prime example of Microsoft actually embracing and championing weird, unusual indie games, and hey if D4 is actually good, all the better.


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