It’s Really Hard To Make A Live Action Sunset Overdrive Trailer…


Granted, trying to make a live-action trailer of any video game is challenging, but making one for Sunset Overdrive
seems especially troublesome in this latest trailer:

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Directors get blown up, actors can’t really work in those hot mutant suits, and a crazy pyro technician are just a few of the problems apparently encountered in the attempt to make a live action trailer for Insomniac Games’ new Xbox One exclusive, Sunset Overdrive. It is definitely in the spirit of the offbeat and humor associated with Insomniac Games’ that we have come to know and love from the Ratchet & Clank series. I don’t have an Xbox One as of yet, but as I stated previously, if I could get one game in October regardless of console, it would be Sunset Overdrive. That may mean a little less now with all the delays, but it’s still heavily tempting me to buy an Xbox One when Sunset Overdrive launches October 28th.


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