The Duck Dynasty Video Game Trailer Is A Hot Mess


Activision is not one to mess with success. It seems like a great deal of their investment bets seem to pay off, especially when you consider the financial returns on the Call of Duty and Destiny titles alone. That’s why it shouldn’t seem too odd that the games company has teamed up with the television company A&E to produce a Duck Dynasty video game. Above you can see the announcement trailer, as posted on the Duck Dynasty Facebook page.

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What is surprising, however, is just how bad the Duck Dynasty video game looks, both graphically and gameplay-wise. The quality of the background assets reflect that of a poor flash animation from the very early 2000’s, and there seems to be little indication as to what exactly the point of the game is. Astonishingly enough, the character models do reflect the likeness of the Robertson family quite well, where it seems like more than half of the game’s budget went into animating and graphically-mimicking the family’s appearance to a tee.

There is no doubt in my mind, after watching that trailer, that the Duck Dynasty video game is nothing but a cheap cash-in off of a hot media property. It won’t be the first, nor will it be the last. There are great video games that are tie-ins to movies and TV shows; one of them even turned out to be one of 2004’s best video games. But when it’s so apparent that the incentive is to make money at the expense of fans of the show, that’s where I take issue with it. For Christ’s sake, the explosion at the end looks like a junior high school student’s first experience in computer animation! It’s games like this that give the medium a bad name.

The Duck Dynasty video game will be released on October 14th on the PS4, Xbox One, PS3 and Xbox 360, while the Nintendo 3DS version looks like it will play with some sort of Minecraft-style art ripoff.

h/t NeoGAF

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