Top 40 Games From 2004

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Sometimes, especially during the lame seasons of game release inactivity, you just want to pull out some of the old consoles and take a trip down memory lane with some older video games. The PS2, Gamecube and Xbox reigned supreme on the TV a decade ago, and PC gaming was still widespread in North America. Times have changed, but the quality of these games can’t be forgotten.

2004 was so ridiculously great for video games. Honestly, it’s as if the year were using game cheats or something (back when cheat codes were still in games). It’s odd to wax poetic and feel nostalgic for 2004, but with relatively few games coming out until late February the time is now to take a look back on some of the best games from 10 years ago.

The list will take into account lasting power, greatness at the time, innovation and simply how fun the game is. With that in mind, the list is subjective. We have paired up with Ranker to give you, the reader, the chance to vote on your rankings for the Top 40 games of 2004. Thumbs up increases the game’s rank, while a thumb’s down may decrease it. (The list has been randomized as to not spoil our rankings)

Top Games Of 2004

Now that you know the Top 40, let’s see how they stack up!