Watch Red Bull Battlegrounds DC Grand Final, Day 1


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This is it; the Red Bull Battlegrounds DC Grand Final. Months of StarCraft II competitive play, from all over North America and online qualifiers around the globe all boils down to one grand final tournament between 8 players competing in Washington, D.C.. PartinG and sOs made it into this year’s DC matchup due to their performance last year, as the remaining players earned their spot the hard way; by out-performing hundreds of other competitors over 6 separate tournaments.

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Scarlett, Bomber, Trap, DongRaeGu, Cure and Polt will all vie for the $50,000 Grand Final prize that Red Bull Battlegrounds DC provides. Additionally, based on the final rankings competitors will earn World Championship of StarCraft (WCS) points. The more points earned, the better chance they will have to qualify for the WCS Global Finals, with the ultimate goal of being the 2014 Global StarCraft II Champion.

As if there was any doubt, Day[9] will serve as Red Bull Battlegrounds DC Grand Final host, with rotating event commentary duties also falling under the patronage of Rotterdam, ToD, Nathanias and Axeltoss. It’s sure to be an awesome last event for the Red Bull series this year, with a lot more at stake today than just one prize purse.

Here is the roadmap to today’s Grand Final:

Make sure to come back tomorrow, as the Top 4 finalists from Red Bull Battlegrounds DC Day 1 will duke it out for StarCraft supremacy Sunday morning.

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