Platinum Games In Uncharted Waters With Scalebound


For Platinum Games, there are a lot of firsts when it comes to upcoming Xbox One-exclusive Scalebound. For one, it will be the first game the company will release an exclusive on a non-Nintendo platform. It will also be their first Xbox One title to receive a full retail release. However, as reported by IGN, what’s more important is that they’ve “never made a game like Scalebound.”

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That quote comes from game director Hideki Kamiya (Resident Evil 2Okami), stating, “What I’m trying to do with Scalebound is create a very different kind of game than what I’ve created up until this point. We’re trying to create new gameplay, and that is a challenge for me personally.

“It’s less about new hardware, and more about making something totally new.” He goes on to mention that he’s never tried to make a photo-realistic game, and that the hardware capabilities that the Xbox One provides helps accomplish this. Kamiya also notes that the Platinum Games development team is working with Microsoft in a collaborative manner to create the game faster than what would have been normally possible.

This is where the bread and butter of Microsoft’s exclusives have come from, historically; publishing games under their umbrella and working with developers. Just look to Halo, Gears of War and Alan Wake to see that theory in action. Platinum Games have also benefitted greatly from their partnerships to make exclusives recently, especially when you consider they would have never had the opportunity to create Bayonetta 2 were it not for Nintendo saving the property in the final hour. I’m just glad to see Microsoft stick with what works, instead of trying to buy up (regular or timed) exclusivity or studios in order to acquire IP rights.

Scalebound will be exclusively released on the Xbox One, with no release date or window announced at this time.

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