EA Games’ Blake Jorgensen Confirms Titanfall Microsoft Exclusivity


In an investors conference call, Electrionic Arts C.F.O. Blake Jorgensen said that Titanfall is exclusive to Xbox One, Xbox 360 and PC, “for the life of the title.” This has been reported by Kotaku, and defeats any speculation that the third person shooter would ever come to a Sony console of any kind.

This is huge news, for many reasons. First off, Respawn Entertainment are the developers for this game. Their publishers are EA Games. They are a 3rd party team with a permanent Xbox One exclusive title. Even though the franchise is not guaranteed to be exclusive (just as Mass Effect eventually made its way to the PlayStation 3 after the first title was published by Microsoft), Titanfall making its way to the Xbox One within the launch window of the console will do wonders to sway interest away from the PS4.

As well, it says more about how things have changed for Titanfall and EA just recently. It was just eight days ago that Major Nelson was not sure about whether or not Titanfall would be a Microsoft timed exclusive. Now, with the C.F.O. of Electronic Arts assuring investors in a public statement I wouldn’t be surprised if Microsoft had been working with the publisher to maintain exclusivity up to today’s announcement.

Either way, Titanfall is still some time away. There are pressing matters at hand, as we are almost 3 weeks away from both Microsoft and Sony consoles launching in North America. Still, it’s funny after PlayStation executives took a shot at Microsoft during E3 for a Microsoft executive to get a jab in right back.


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