Super Smash Bros Wii U Release Date Is Looking Legit


Although it has not been confirmed by Nintendo as of yet, the evidence is starting to pile up around the internet for a Super Smash Bros Wii U release date. First it was the retailer pre-order card that listed a November 21st release date. For me, it seemed too flimsy of a release date to put too much stock in. I mean, retailers get a lot of placeholder-dated materials, and the last Friday before Black Friday seemed more of a “last date possible” that makes sense for a release than a confirmation.

Now Nintendo Life has reported a second, external source of a November 21st Super Smash Bros Wii U release date, but this time on a webpage banner. The banner’s origin? From Nintendo France.

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As the watermark insists, the banner was originally spotted from Puissance Nintendo in France, who asked Nintendo for comment on the release date news. Nintendo of France then insisted that the release date was “a mistake,” and that the release window of Holiday 2014 is still intact. However, with a retail card spotted in North America and a release banner posted in France, a coincidence separated by thousands of miles is one hell of a coincidence.

However, because nothing has been officially announced yet, we still have to regard this Super Smash Bros Wii U release date buzz as a rumor. That said, a November 21st release date is looking more legitimate by the day.

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