Use Your 3DS As A Controller In Smash Bros Wii U


One thing you can’t fault Nitnendo for is lack of options when it comes to control methods for Smash Bros on Wii U. You can use the Gamepad, the Pro Controller, the Wii Remote and even older Gamecube controllers if you want to do it old school.

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Well, Nintendo has one more controller option available, and it might be the most insane one yet:

It’s good that Nintendo is offering a lot options, and who knows, maybe someone will prefer the 3DS controls to say, a Wii Remote when it comes to playing Smash Bros on The Wii U but I can’t imagine them preferring it to a pro controller or a Gamecube controller. That being said, this method does mean that you don’t need to invest in a bunch of controllers in order to have several friends over to play Smash Bros, they can simply bring whatever they have around, be it a controller or a 3DS, which is a pretty cool idea.


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