Watch Red Bull Battlegrounds Detroit Day 2 Live, Right Now!


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Red Bul Battleground Detroit Day 2 is now live! Watch the video above to catch today’s intense StarCraft II action, as competitors compete for the final qualifying spot ahead of the Red Bull Battle Grounds Grand Final in Washington, DC next month. You can check out all of the current qualifier winners below, including last year’s reigning champ and runner-up.

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Played in an open tournament format, 128 competitors started the tournament off by duking it out at Red Bull Battlegrounds Detroit, with 32 making it past Day 1. You can check out who made it to the Round of 32 via the standings here, with notable StarCraft 2 player Walshy already eliminated in a disappointing 0-2 fashion. Plus, all but 5 Canadian players have made it through. (Go Canada!) You can check out the remaining bracket here.

Plus, with links to the World Championship of StarCraft, WCS points will be awarded to the top players for outperforming their competition. The final points tally at the end of the current season will determine who competes in the WCS Finals at Blizzcon 2014 later this year. If it sounds confusing to you, don’t worry, as an excellent commenting and shoutcasting crew of Kevin “RotterdaM” van der kooi, Nathan “Nathanias” Fabrikant, Yoan “ToD” Merlo and Alex “Axeltoss” Rodriguez will be on hand to explain what’s happening on screen as best as possible for those at least a bit versed in StarCraft II.

Hope you enjoy Red Bull Battleground Detroit this weekend! We’ll be back tomorrow to post the finale livestream, as well as update you with relevant information about the last tournament qualifier of the Battle Grounds season.

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