What’s That New Pokemon Project? It’s Coming Next Week


Remember watching the old Pokemon TV show as a kid, always asking you to guess “Who’s That Pokemon?” with a character silhouette right before a commercial? Essentially, take out all of the fun fanfare around that, have a week to guess, and instead of a Pokemon character, you have a completely brand new Pokemon project to think about. That’s what’s happening with the Pokemon Company, who are set to reveal a new project involving the series on August 26th at 9 AM EDT.

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Siliconera noticed the planned reveal, which will be in collaboration with Famitsu magazine, next Tuesday. A Nico Nico Livestream event called “Famitsu Featuring Pokemon Specialthe president of The Pokemon Company will be on hand for the event.

While the scope of the project is unknown, there still are some options to guess from on the table. For one, it could be that mystery Pokemon detective game that was “leaked” almost an entire year ago. There’s also the chance that it turns out to be the Pokken Fighters game that was thought to be revealed during E3 2014. My dream; a fully realized Pokemon Snap game that involves the Wii U GamePad controller as a camera. A Snap game that has more than 3 hours of gameplay would be perfect!

What’s that Pokemon project? Let’s go to a weeklong commercial that ends on August 26th.


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