Madden 15 Player Ratings: AFC, NFC West Breakdown

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Now that the AFC and NFC North, South and East divisions have been covered, it’s finally time to finish off the cumulative Madden 15 player ratings posts for Team Overall stats with the AFC and NFC West. EA Sports bring those numbers to us once more, which turns out to reveal a great number of great Overall teams according to the Madden 15 player ratings.

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Seriously, it appears in the NFL that West Coast = Best Coast, a far cry from the likes of Major League Baseball and more likens itself to the National Basketball Association. The NHL does have Eastern and Western Conferences, but they’ve got their own thing going with 4 total divisions that force people to pretend Columbus is a grand US metropolis. Back on track, there are three teams with 90+ Team Overall among West Division teams. There are no other teams above 88 in any other NFL division! Plus, with 6 of 8 teams above 80 Overall, there’s no arguing the talent lies here. (Unless you want to argue about it in the comments section. Football is my third-watched sport these days.)

Either way, let’s wrap up the divisional rankings for the AFC and NFC West using the Madden 15 player ratings.