Madden 15 Player Ratings: AFC, NFC North Breakdown

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EA Sports continues to provide the very best when it comes to Madden 15 player ratings. Starting this week, as fully-fledged preseason NFL football approaches, the game’s developers have started to break down each team by division, its Overall Rating, the best players on the team, plus the offensive and defensive schemes, among other variables. They have started with the North divisions for both the AFC and NFC.

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While Madden 15 player ratings are at the core of these divisional breakdowns, team ratings are also important stats. However, getting to see the top several players for an NFL team provides a better first statistical glance when judging which team to start a franchise with. For example, if you like to throw the ball, the Packers would be an excellent team to focus on. If you rather run the routes, the bears have a few great receivers down the line. It’s all about how you like to play.

Keeping that in consideration, let’s look at each conference’s North divisions broken down as dictated by the Madden 15 player ratings.