Bravely Default Sales Hit 1 Million Units


It’s a great day for turn-based RPG’s, even if they have moved to handhelds since the heydays of the 90’s. Dengeki Online released a report (picked up and clarified by Polygon), indicating that the Final Fantasy-inspired Bravely Default has sold more than one million units worldwide. 600,000 and more of those copies came from overseas, while roughly 400,000 came from Japan, and both numbers include digital downloads.

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Thankfully, a sequel called Bravely Second in the West, is already in the works, and hopefully will spurn the same kind of refreshed success that Square Enix has enjoyed in the past with the Final Fantasy series. While not being a straight ripoff in another gaming universe, Bravely Default does appeal to the traditional and hardcore RPG fan by focusing on the characters and their stories, in addition to the gameplay and general combat schemes. It’s no Yokai Watch (which is straight printing money as a franchise, at this point), but Square Enix will take any successes they can get.

Bravely Default is out right now exclusively on the Nintendo 3DS. With a lack of games being released during the summer, right now would be the perfect time to pick it up. Some of our staffers have.


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