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GameSided Roundtable: What We’re Playing This Summer

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Martin Benn

Normally, during this time of year I catch up on one of my favorite games from the past or I finally try to blast through an RPG of some kind to give me a variety of different areas to look at. One of the faults of many sandbox games is so much of the world takes place in one area, so I pick a game with a little bit of variety in scenery even if a little repetitive in gameplay.

This year, the Destiny Beta has taken up a good chunk of time and I’m excited for when that comes out. However, when that ends, I’m going to be continuing to finish Kingdom Hearts 1.5 for the first time and playing through one of my favorites, Final Fantasy X. I also have Red Dead Redemption on my list to play, if I get to it.

Daniel George

It’s always been about playing SNES-era video games when it comes to summer gaming, for me. Outside of games for review (and playing Mario Kart 8 for at least 20 minutes almost every day), I will be replaying a great deal of old school platformers, RPG’s and action games for this and many foreseeable summers. Most of the time, I finish with games I haven’t played before, yet they will always be born of the nineties.

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Usually, I will start off the slew with Final Fantasy VI, as it is one of the absolute best games in the series. The best part of starting off like this, for me, is discovering new things I missed the first time, like consoling Duncan’s Wife after beating Vargas, which is only really possible if you immediately backtrack to South Figaro instead of leaving Mt. Kolts through the exit (which makes no sense). From there, depending on time, I’ll go through some of the Mega Man X series, Super Metroid and definitely Kirby Super Star. This year, I hope to experience the original Harvest Moon in its original SNES glory via the Wii U virtual console. Whatever Gameboy version I played before seemed interesting enough, so hopefully the console edition stands well on its own!

Eric Chrisman

I actually do a mix a both contemporary and classic games. I don’t have a gigantic backlog, but there are always a few things I never got around to beating. I recently finished DmC: Devil May Cry, which I have had since February from PS+, and have slowly been working my way through Bravely Default on my 3DS. I’ve also been on a classic RPG kick on my PS Vita, playing some Persona 3 Portable as well as getting FFVI, FFIX and the FFX/X2 HD remaster recently, so I can pretty much get my classic RPG fix on the go if needed.

So, GameSided readers, what have you been playing this summer? Let us know in the comments section below!


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