Report: Super Smash Bros Roster To Be Revealed In August


Just a few months before the game will be released worldwide on the Nintendo 3DS, Nintendo will reportedly showcase all of the playable entries and maps in an upcoming edition of Japanese gaming publication CoroCoro. As WiiUDaily notes, however, there may be a caveat involved.

From CoroCoro:

"We’re including an additional jam-packed volume containing all of the characters and stages for the up and coming 3DS version of Smash Bros.!!! Keep your eyes peeled for when it goes on sale!"

More from Rumor

With Lucina, Robin and Captain Falcon revealed yesterday during a special short video broadcast, the total Super Smash Bros roster count brings us up to a grand total of 36 playable characters. UI-wise, that could stack up to 4 rows of 9 characters each, meaning that whatever CoroCoro plans to show does not necessarily mean either new characters. Previously, magazines had shown information about the basic starting roster and stages, but not for hidden content.

Either way, getting head’s up about new Super Smash Bros content is always good news, even if we can’t substantiate the scope of what’s being revealed just yet. Most of the attention has been given towards the Wii U version of the game, yet the 3DS version is going to be special in its own right. It marks the ongoing trend Nintendo has been doing of bringing quality console content to handheld, where a great deal of the games market in Japan currently is/is headed right now. Will it be as responsive or intuitive as the console version has yet to be seen, and we’ll only know once those lucky enough to experience it get their hands on it.

Super Smash Bros for the 3DS will be released on October 3, while the Wii U version will launch this holiday season.


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