FGC News Weekend Recap: Leadup To Evo 2014 Finals Edition


Over this past weekend, there has been a great deal of fighting game news that have slipped through the cracks here at GameSided for reasons unknown (read: me being sick with ocular migraines). That’s why I thought it was important to recap what we missed in one easy-to-read primer. It’s the FGC News Weekend Recap!

Raiden Confirmed For Mortal Kombat X

Initially to be revealed before the Injustice: Gods Among Us grand finals, but then pushed to after the finals (to make people who wouldn’t otherwise be watching Injustice play to watch), Mortal Kombat co-creator Ed Boon took to the Evo 2014 stage to reveal that Raiden will join the Mortal Kombat X roster. IGN had the chance to sit down with Ed Boon, who detailed Raiden’s various fighting styles.

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According to the man himself, Thunder God Raiden focuses more on powerful combos by harnessing his electricity powers, rather than for other useful utilities. Displayer Raiden does the opposite, by trading off power to use teleportation abilities to traverse more safely around the map and connect with more interesting combos and utilize better mixups. Finally, Storm Lord Raiden uses zoning strategies by using electricity to create map traps. You can see more of what he’s talking about in the reveal gameplay video below.

Official EVO 2014 Joystick Announced

SRK and QANBA have paired up to announce an official Evo 2014 joystick, and it looks pretty sick. Retailing at $149.99, the stick is PS3 and PC compatible, carries the EVO logo, comes with Chinese art on the faceplate, a blue LED stick, 8 blue LED 30mm buttons and a snow leopard color backpack with the Evo and QANBA logo. It’s a limited edition with only 500 sold worldwide, but with fighting games coming up on the PS4 and Xbox One that are not compatible with this stick, it’s up to you whether the design or practicality of QANBA sticks are worth it.

Maya Set To Return In Killer Instinct Season 2

At a panel during Evo 2014, Iron Galaxy Studios decided it was the best time to reveal to the world that Maya will be making her return to the fighting game world in Killer Instinct Season 2. Developers at Irony Galaxy Studios (the team that brought you Divekick and are replacing Double Helix after they became an Amazon property) have said that she will use those two daggers pictured above as her main means of combat, weapons that can be leveled up and combined to create new moves.

Additionally, these daggers can be left around the map’s ground if missed, which will likely mean that players will create multiple play styles that shift the balance between risk and reward. There’s a lot of cool ideas coming out of Iron Galaxy, especially for the play style of their characters. It seems like they want to keep true to what Double Helix started with, while at the same time expanding how they work within their matchups. I can’t wait to see what they bring in Killer Instinct Season 2.


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