Evo 2014: Justin Wong Is Your Ultimate Marvel vs Capcom 3 Grand Finals Winner


When’s Mahvel? Right there; that was Mahvel, baby! Continuing the day of constant Evo 2014 Finals play, Justin Wong has won the Ultimate Marvel vs Capcom 3 grand finals. He came out on top over a very respectable match with ChrisG, as more than 149,500 peak concurrent viewers saw the penultimate Grand Finals match on Twitch that concluded in a 3-1 Winner’s Bracket victory. He will leave today’s stacked Top 8 Finals with over $5,800 in earnings, truly solidifying his excellence within the UMvC3 scene. Justin’s back!

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What’s truly surprising is how we got to our Top 2 based off of winner’s and loser’s brackets. For example, last year’s Ultimate Marvel vs Capcom 3 Evo champ, Flocker, did not win a game today. He lost to Justin Wong in the Winner’s Bracket, then lost immediately to ChrisG in the Loser’s Bracket to end up tied for 5th. Also, FGC legend Filipino Champ had crushing losses to both Grand Finals competitors in Justin Wong in Winner’s, then to ChrisG in Loser’s. Dropped combos at key times in very close games sent the 2012 winner home in 3rd place this year. In short, destiny had Justin Wong and ChrisG in today’s grand finals.

The full final results of Ultimate Marvel vs Capcom 3 play at Evo 2014 are listed below:

  1. Justin Wong ($6,084)
  2. ChrisG ($2,028)
  3. Filipino Champ ($1,014)
  4. RayRay ($405.60)
  5. Flocker ($202.80, T-5)
  6. Jan ($202.80, T-5)
  7. Marn ($101.40, T-7)
  8. Insaynne/Coach Steve ($101.40, T-7)

Stick with us at GameSided, as we will be covering the grand finals for the rest of Evo 2014 Day 3 tournament play.


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