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Evo 2014: CD Jr Is Your Killer Instinct Grand Finals Winner


What an amazing finish! Continuing the day of constant Evo 2014 Finals play, CD jr has won the Killer Instinct grand finals! The victory comes over the defeat of Rico Suave, as more than 85,400 concurrent viewers were able to watch the 3-1 victory on Twitch. He will leave today’s epic Top 8 Finals with over $8,000 in earnings (with $6,000 of that coming from a RAZER pot bonus) and knowledge that he had to go through a packed heat to get to where he ended up today.

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One of the bigger stories starting off today’s Killer Instinct play was of Justin Wong’s opening loss. Immediately sending JWong to the loser’s bracket, his Sabrewolf had to claw his way through several matches before finally losing out completely at the loser’s bracket finals. It’s gotta be a tough pill to swallow for the competitor who won the very first competitive Killer Instinct tournament, but he has a chance to win it all later today during the Ultimate Marvel vs. Capcom 3 finals.

The full final results of Killer Instinct play at Evo 2014 are as follows:

  1. CD jr ($8,028)
  2. Rico Suave ($2,676)
  3. Justin Wong ($1,338)
  4. Guttermagic ($535.20)
  5. TSwagg ($267.60, T-5)
  6. my god 88 ($267.60, T-5)
  7. Pretty E ($133.80, T-7)
  8. Mrgrimmmz ($133.80, T-7)

Stick with us at GameSided, as we will be covering the grand finals for the rest of Evo 2014 Day 3 tournament play.


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