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GameSided Roundtable: I’d Rather See Kickstarter Money Go To…

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Erik Sugay

I’d love for there to be a Kickstarter campaign to fund a potential third entry in the Chrono series. With its mix of polished combat, deep narrative and an absolutely spectacular soundtrack, Chrono Trigger still somehow remains one of the finest games of all time. And it released almost 20 years ago! Its sequel, Chrono Cross, tried to emulate that atmosphere with its own dimension-hopping mechanic, but was bogged down by its inclusion of dozens of playable characters, making it difficult to get too attached to many of them. Without a doubt, though, Chrono Cross’s soundtrack is the best in all of gaming.

I understand that getting all of the requisite heavy-hitting Japanese talent to make a third entry that could remotely live up to the franchise’s legacy is practically impossible, but Hironobu Sakaguchi, Masato Kato and Yasunori Mitsuda have all previously expressed interest in making this game happen. I think it would just be nice to see a crowdfunding campaign to get an idea of how much a game like this would cost in the HD-gaming era and how many people like me actually want it made.

Daniel George

It’s been a while since we’ve seen an Advance Wars game come out. Instead of Kickstarting a project to bring it back to handhelds, I’d rather see Kickstarter money going towards a new Advance Wars-type title for the Wii U.

Just imagine the possibilities! Larger-scale maps, improved graphics (that maintain the visual style), passing around the GamePad as a handheld for multiplayer, reworked soundtrack; a spiritual successor is a great idea for the turn-based tactics genre, one that has a small core of titles on consoles.

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Plus, with a great deal more computing power on the Wii U than on the Nintendo DS and earlier, a new Advance Wars game can benefit from multiple layers of combat. No longer would water, mountains, cities, trees and plains be treated as the same level, but would see multiple altitudes for more in-depth strategy. Fog of War would take a whole new realm of possibilities, as submarine units could possibly traverse below them and pop up somewhere else to gain a true surprise on their opponents. Hopefully Nintendo can take care of this themselves and develop a true series addition, but there’s always Kickstarter available to create a spiritual successor. Just look no further to Mighty No. 9!