Steam Summer Sale Day 9: Save 80% On Payday 2


Another day, another fresh batch of games going on sale as we reach Steam Summer Sale Day 9! From June 19th until June 30th, you can expect savings on thousands of games. Make sure to wait for the dailies in order to get the biggest savings!

Here are the Steam Summer Sale Day 9 daily deals:

Check out Eric Chrisman’s review of Transistor to see if you’re interested in that game. (Reviewed on PS4)

In addition to the Steam Summer Sale Day 9 daily deals, four new games are up on flash sales for the next 8 hours. The 1 PM – 9PM ET sale includes Alan Wake ($4.49, 85% off), Reus ($2.49, 75% off), F1 2013 ($12.49, 75% off) and Octodad: Dadliest Catch ($5.09, 66% off). Octodad will be getting some free DLC content in the coming months, so now is the best time to pick that one up.

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Furthermore, the Community’s Choice has returned. It’s up to you, the community, to decide what goes up on a flash sale in 8 hours. Right now, the following games are on sale thanks to the community: System Shock 2 ($1.49, 85% off), F.E.A.R. ($2.49, 75% off), Age of Empires II HD ($4.99, 75% off) and Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic II ($3.39, 66% off). Plus, the Steam Summer Sale 2014 features a Summer Adventure, where collecting 10 trading cards allows you to craft badges and participate in a daily scoreboard with teams. More information is available here.

As always, you can check up on the entire database of sales here. This page will let you search games by alphabetical titles, discount %, game types (DLC, full game, etc.) and sales price. There’s more on sale than just what the front page shows, so make sure to check out the Steam Summer Sale database to find those hidden treasures.

Make sure to check back with us at GameSided throughout the sale around 1 PM ET each day to find some of the best savings within the magical event that is Steam Summer Sale 2014.


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