Sunset Overdrive Features Female Characters, Shots Fired At Ubisoft


Sunset Overdrive got an update video today, detailing some of the game’s trap mechanics that allow you to spring forth hidden surprises for your foes. Additionally, the Insomniac Games community manager, Brandon Winfrey, also dug into the mail bag and answered the question that has been floating around E3 2014 last week: “Can you play as a female character?”

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Not only did our host reveal that yes, you can play as a female character in Sunset Overdrive, but your protagonist can be customized to be one of many different skin tones, and that clothing options are gender-neutral. The video then features a female character wearing a robe similar to that worn by Assassin’s Creed protagonist, taking a shot at Ubisoft’s recent PR snafu in which they gravely mishandled the question of whether or not Assassin’s Creed Unity would feature a female lead.

"If you want to be a dude in a skirt, you could be a dude in a skirt, alright? Just be whom you want to be. Take a stab at it! -Brandon Winfrey"

Some will see this as classless, taking a stab at another company for something that doesn’t concern them. However, I would argue that it’s the perfect time to do so. I’m not saying that video games need tokenism to represent females and non-white characters better within the industry, but there has to be some sort of character design for protagonists that don’t go for the shaved-headed space marine vibe. Sunset Overdrive allowing character customization helps to change things up.

A great deal for why Nintendo’s exclusives do so well is because they have creative protagonists with a multitude of different colors and looks. Why can’t the industry try to emulate their ideals and ignore their archaic measures? Female characters being too expensive to design is such a poor argument that it begs to be noted by other developers, and I’m glad that shots are being fired not because of sales, but to call out those who say dumb things.

Sunset Overdrive will be released exclusively on Xbox One this October 28th.


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