Summer Games Done Quick 2014 Begins June 22


Trying to fill the giant shoes Awesome Games Done Quick wore during their $1 million-raising run earlier this year, Summer Games Done Quick 2014 is set to being this June 22nd! A collaborative effort made by Speed Demos Archive and SpeedRunsLive (with help from Twitch), this year’s event will run from June 22 at 2 PM EDT all the way through to the morning of June 29. The main goal of this event is to raise funds through donations, with the money going towards Doctors Without Borders. All the action can be seen on home page, where viewers can also donate to the cause.

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Among this year’s batch of 150+ games scheduled to receive the speedrun treatment during Summer Games Done Quick 2014 include Zelda: A Link Between Worlds, Final Fantasy VI, Halo: Combat Evolved, and Octodad: Dadliest Catch, to name just a few. Depending on donation incentives certain games, challenges and speed runners will also be included as bonuses for giving to a good cause. Cosmowright, SpikeVegeta, Essentia, Sinister1 are just some of the big-name speed runners scheduled to participate, with a full list of games and projected start times listed here.

If it’s anything like Awesome Games Done Quick, which featured some of the more memorable speed runs, Summer Games Done Quick 2014 will become must-watch games broadcasting, especially for Twitch. Not only are world records broken, but some of the events show off new ways at looking at video games that you’ve played in a more traditional sense. The 4-player race for Super Metroid completion might be the coolest piece of non-interactive video game media I’ve ever seen.

Summer Games Done Quick 2014 kicks off this Sunday, June 22 at 2 PM EDT with Super Mario 3D World. The schedule runs based off of completion time, so make sure to keep 100% up to date by following Speed Demoes Archive on Twitter to get all your updates throughout the week-long event.


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