Watch How Twitch Plays Pokemon Red Via Chat Commands. It’s Silly.


What’s great about the ingenuity of those interested in video games is that you can always be amazed by the craziest thing possible. So is the case when a mysterious Twitch channel opened up, called “Twitch Plays Pokemon.

It’s a simple concept; a Game Boy emulator runs Pokemon Red over Twitch. Outside of turning it on, all button commands are entered by those participating in Twitch chat. Therein lies the difficulty; having thousands of people enter commands at the same time makes it a little bit difficult. So often people will enter commands that do no good, like using sand attack over quick attack repeatedly over and over again. Despite some setbacks, Twitch Plays Pokemon has reached Route 25 at the time of this post (after a day and almost 16 hours of play). They’re working on getting their second badge at Cerulean City right now.

Twitch Plays Pokemon reflects the innate desire of humanity to achieve great things. It will be a great challenge for the community to come together and complete this task. It may not happen over the next few days. It may even take over a week. But, with great perseverance and dedication a video game loved by millions will be completed with the help of thousands.

Twitch Plays Pokemon will likely stay live until it is completed. Check out the action below.

Watch live video from TwitchPlaysPokemon on


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