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Dead Rising 3 Shows Up On Steam Database (Update)


UPDATE: Capcom UK has released a PC trailer, ultimately confirming that Dead Rising 3 will be coming to Steam. Capcom HQ has also just pushed out a press release, doubly confirming the existence of the PC version and that it will be shown off during E3 2014.

ORIGINAL: As spotted by a keen-eyed user on NeoGAF, it appears as though Xbox One launch title Dead Rising 3 may be coming to Steam sometime soon. The game is listed in the Steam database, a precursor to inevitable releases like Final Fantasy VII

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It looks like new Xbox head Phil Spencer is putting his money where his mouth is, shortly after commenting on the need for Microsoft to up their gaming presence on Windows. It also reinforces the idea that the game was always determined to be a timed exclusive, as CVG noted that Dead Rising 3 was described last June as, “Available this holiday exclusively for Xbox One”. Plus, an image banner in the appropriate Steam store size further solidifies the rumor.

While there is a certain amount of legitimacy surrounding the Steam database, Microsoft has not officially announced Dead Rising 3 as coming to Steam, so we are considering this a rumor until further confirmation. However, it won’t stop diehard console evangelists from wondering whether or not Capcom and Capcom Vancouver would bring Dead Rising 3 to PS4. As someone who has played the game on occasion on the Xbox One and saw the notable jumps in sub-30 FPS gameplay, I can at least comprehend why such a demand would exist.

Currently you can pick up Dead Rising 3 exclusively on Xbox One, but we may see the game jump over the Steam in the coming weeks or months.


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