Final Fantasy VII Coming To Steam?


Final Fantasy VII was an important entry in the RPG genre. It utilized then-state-of-the-art FMV cutscenes, tens and hundreds of hours of 3D gameplay over three PlayStation 1 disks and told a beautiful narrative through its story and soundtrack. It helped set the stage for development of RPG’s in the West, as its popularity helped ascend the genre into more than just a niche category. It’s a part of many Top 25 best video games lists, and it could be coming to your Valve account soon.

Thanks to a keen-eyed user on Neogaf, it appears that an entry on the Steam database has been inputted for a game titled Final Fantasy VII. The page is up here, although the website is not directly affiliated with Valve or Steam itself. It’s still a likely bet to arrive on Steam at some point in the future.

With the inevitable annual Steam Summer Sale just around the corner, it’s possible that the game will launch live at a discount. Already available for purchase on the PlayStation Network for $9.99, Final Fantasy VII is highly recommended if you’ve skipped the game playing through the series (how that could happen is beyond me).

What other Final Fantasy games do you want to see coming to Steam? Let us know!