PS4 Update 3.5 Beta Brings PC Streaming and More To PS4


The new beta for PS4 Update 3.5, codenamed “Musashi,” is looking to add some pretty nifty features to the PS4. Some of these are of course available on other systems and some things are rather new.

The biggest news you may have heard about elsewhere is PS4s will be able to stream on PCs and Macs. While the Xbox One is capable of streaming to a PC, it does not extend this capability to Macs as well. That probably has something to do with the fact they are still in competition as a Windows product. The PS4 has no such ties to an operating system being a third party. With the ability to stream to Xperia devices, Vita, and soon to be PC/Mac, you can pretty much play your PS4 games wherever you are if you are that invested in the Playstation console space. It is an interesting thing to see Sony invest in.

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Lets take a look at another feature in the update though: User Scheduled Events. This is a pretty nifty little feature. As anyone who has ever tried to play with friends as an adult with such varying lives, the best way to play with them is to actually schedule the time out. Well, the PS4 now makes it so you have the ability to schedule a future gameplay session with friends. It seems as if this will be tied into the Events feature that currently exists on the PS4. People can then register for the even and they are automatically added to a party so you all can start your play session together. That’s pretty neat.

The PS4’s firmware updates may be a bit slower to rollout than the competition, but they continue to bring on excellent new features when they do arrive. Now, if only they could answer the question on everyone’s mind: “When will be able to change our names?!”

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