Phantom Dust? Still Not Dead According To Phil Spencer


Polygon sat down with Phil Spencer in an interview recently and out of it came a nice, little tidbit about Phantom Dust. The last time we heard about this game it was “Not canceled” but there was no active developer on the project.

Since then, things have been a bit quiet around the Phantom Dust front for the last year. No word on any new developers on the project and nothing beyond the sample footage Kotaku leaked previously.

In the latest interview with Polygon, this is what Spencer had to say:

"We asked the biggest question first: Is there any change to report in Phantom Dust‘s development status?“No, not yet,” Spencer said.He continued: “I love Phantom Dust – I think the mechanics in Phantom Dust were ahead of their time, and I think about what today’s platforms enable and bringing that gameplay mechanic and story and setting to even, frankly, the 360 – and we kind of did that with the back-compat stuff we did then – but definitely today’s world would really help cement what that game could’ve achieved.”"

Going further, Phil Spencer looks back on whether they may have spoken too soon about Phantom Dust:

"“At some point, if I had to say it was a dead thing, I would just say it,” Spencer said. “I do probably in hindsight, knowing everything I know now — which clearly I didn’t at the time when we announced it — I feel bad that we stood on stage and announced something that now we’re not delivering. That’s never my goal. But we had a plan to actually go build the game at the time. So I’m still encouraged.”"

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Phil Spencer is one who seems to speak for the most part with pretty good honesty as the head of Xbox. Just yesterday, he cavalierly mentioned Uncharted 4 as being a game he looks forward to this year. As such, his interviews are usually pretty interesting as have most of the Xbox interviews since he took over as Xbox head. In fact, it seems many

Xbox fans have some problems

with how open Phil Spencer is with praising other platforms and different spaces.

Head on over to Polygon to finish reading the rest of the interview. Spencer talks a bit more about what they are looking for and how they are in an active search for developers on the Phantom Dust project.