Mirror’s Edge Catalyst Closed Beta Details & New Trailer


You can now sign up for the Mirror’s Edge Catalyst Closed Beta. A brand-new story trailer for the game has also been released.

If you’re fed up of waiting until May 24, 2016 to get your hands on Mirror’s Edge Catalyst, you’ll be pleased to hear that a closed beta for the game has been announced. To get in, you’ll need to sign up on the Mirror’s Edge website and provide your EA account and chosen platform. EA is releasing the beta for Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and PC. Be aware that by signing up, there’s no guarantees that you’ll be chosen to participate. 

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Unfortunately, we don’t know much about the beta at this time. EA is keeping quiet on the details, and they’ve advised fans to “stay tuned” for further information.

They’ve also released a brand-new story trailer that you can see at the top of this page, full of epic explosions, dramatic dialogue, and gorgeous visuals. Presumably, most of this footage is taken from cutscenes, but there’s definitely some gameplay bits in there too. EA has said that more details about Faith’s story, gameplay, and the world of Mirror’s Edge Catalyst are on the way in the “coming months”.

From what we know about the game so far, Mirror’s Edge Catalyst will feature greatly improved graphics over the original with a focus on realistic visuals, the opportunity to explore a much larger and more varied open world, and a brand-new combat system that enhances the game’s focus on traversal systems and eliminates the use of guns entirely, offering new hand-to-hand combat and finishing maneuvers.

I had a chance to try an early build of Mirror’s Edge Catalyst at EGX 2015 and I came away impressed. Check out my full preview of the game here.

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