Xbox One Elite Controller is Currently Sold Out


Xbox One and PC owners can’t get enough of the Xbox One Elite Controller.

Microsoft may be losing the console race to the PlayStation 4, but they’re winning the controller race. According to the head of Xbox, Phil Spencer, the Xbox One Elite Controller is one of the hottest accessories on the game market today.

At its hefty $150 dollar price tag, which many argued about, the Elite Controller is currently out of stock in local stores. Microsoft suggests, if you see an Elite Controller in stores, pick it up (and consider yourself lucky). Even in the online shopping market Amazon, Best Buy, Target, and GameStop are all scrambling to fulfill their customer needs.

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The Xbox One Elite Controller is indeed a great controller.

If you’re a hardcore game (Xbox One or PC) that loves a personal touch and customized feel then the Elite Controller is for you. With a precise controlled D-pad, customized thumb sticks, and conveniently placed extra triggers behind the controller it surpasses its predecessor in every way.

If you’re desperate (I mean really desperate) for the Elite Controller then you can purchase the 1TB Xbox One Elite bundle for its retail $450 price tag. As for those who don’t want to wait, well maybe you’ll be surprised by a family member, friend or significant other during the holiday season.

If you don’t get it as a gift, sit back and marvel at the Xbox One Elite Controller and its beauty below.