Ronda Rousey Joins EA Sports Cover Athlete Curse Club

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Last night, UFC Bantamweight athlete and former Pokemon forum moderator Ronda Rousey took on Holly Holm as the main event for UFC 193. Despite Rousey obliterating all of her opponents in her previous 12 professional fights leading up to last night’s proceedings, strike master Holly Holm managed to knock out Rousey in the second round to become the new undisputed UFC Bantamweight champion of the world. This sports story has a decidedly video game angle, however, and it comes back down to EA Sports.

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You see, Ronda Rousey was just named the EA Sports UFC 2 cover athlete on Friday morning, right before the weigh-in for UFC 192 in Melbourne, Australia. Seen above, she features prominently in front of a shadowed male UFC athlete behind her, yet to be decided. Described as “the most dominant and recognized fighter in the world,” just one day later Rousey would lose her first match in her career and her role as the face of the UFC in slight jeopardy.

All part of the EA Sports cover athlete curse.

You see, for better and for worse, people believe that there is a curse put on athletes who grace the covers of EA Sports titles. While results are often varied, the number of times athletes have undergone extreme injuries, career worst seasons or embrace the beginning of the end of their careers after being chosen to represent their sport in video games cannot be ignored.

Today, we’ll feature some of the most recent incidents, occurring as early as this year. We’ll also get to the ridiculousness that is the Madden Curse.

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