Super Mario Maker Online Portal To Arrive In December


At the Nintendo Direct conference earlier today, it was announced that a new web-based online portal for Super Mario Maker will be arriving in December.

Details are vague at this point, but we do know that the service will be accessible via PC and mobile devices, where you’ll be able to search for custom Super Mario Maker levels and tag them for use on your Wii U. You’ll also be able to sort these levels by custom filters, and the system will automatically sync with your console for easy transitions between the two. As this is a web-based service, don’t expect any official Super Mario Maker portal apps to emerge any time soon.

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During the conference, it was revealed that over 3.3 million custom levels have been uploaded to Super Mario Maker so far. That’s a substantial number, and the addition of a more streamlined search feature is sure to please many fans of the game.

Super Mario Maker has enjoyed a great deal of success since its release back in September. We lavished praise upon the game’s set of tools in our review.

"“It banks on decades of nostalgia while offering gameplay options previously unavailable in vanilla Mario titles. Whether you want to save the princess or throw all obstacles possible in the way, there’s something for everyone in Super Mario Maker.”"

Are you looking forward to the portal update, and what has your experience been like with Super Mario Maker so far? Let us know your thoughts in the comments.