Gamescom 2015: Crackdown 3 Will Feature 100 Percent Destructible Environments


We had our first look at pre-alpha Crackdown 3 gameplay during the Xbox conference at gamescom 2015 earlier today, in which it was confirmed that the game will feature “100 percent destructible environments”.

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The way that it achieves this is through the Xbox Cloud, which allows the game to harness “20 times the power of your Xbox One”. In the short gameplay video, we’re shown footage of giant skyscrapers crumbling to pieces, and buildings literally collapsing from underneath a character’s feet.

We’ll also see transforming vehicles in Crackdown 3, which were featured in the first game, but were not included in the second iteration.

The video concludes with a short statement which reads “Multiplayer Begins Summer 2016”. Whether that alludes to the full release of the game or a potential multiplayer beta is yet to be seen.

For now, it’s a nice teaser of what’s to come. The destructive capabilities look impressive, and the graphics look sharp. We’ll see how the game fares next year.

Check out the short pre-alpha gameplay video below. (You’ll need to sign in to Youtube for access!)