E3 2015: Square Enix Predictions, Rumors & Expectations

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E3 2015 is almost upon us! This week, GameSided staffers will be discussing what we should see, think we’ll see or hope to see out of the eight (!) separate press conferences scheduled to go live starting early next week. Our up-to-date preview schedule:

Things I’m sure we’ll see at the Square Enix briefing

Rise of the Tomb Raider will likely be on the stage for Microsoft, but I expect that if there anything extra to show from there, such as another trailer or some extra footage then it will be on display at the Square Enix showcase. The big pull for Square is that they are looking to push large cinematic graphics and merge them with new stories and gameplay into older series. You see this in Tomb Raider, Deus Ex, and Final Fantasy and I’m sure they will open their show pushing this angle.

Speaking of it, Deus Ex: Mankind Divided should be on display here as well. They will likely show off some more of the game and I imagine there will be some gameplay showcased. The big thing to watch here is for a release date. It has already been teased in a full Game Informer spread, but as we know with other games that does not mean a release is coming rather soon. It could get delayed.

If the game is to release in 2015, it will have an interesting time finding a stake. Square Enix would be jamming their titles into an already jammed second half of the season. Crazier things have happened. Last October was going to be crowded until most of it got pushed. All things considered, I think we will see a release date in Late Summer to Early Fall 2016 for Deus Ex: Mankind Divided. I don’t think Square wants all their big third person adventures tied up in this Fall and Holiday season.

Final Fantasy XV should also be on display here. The game has a notable demo on the Final Fantasy Type-0 disc and it was widely received well. The presentation on Final Fantasy XV will include some more details on the greater scope of the game. I feel as if some new gameplay footage will be on display and a 2016 release season may be announced. Final Fantasy XV is largely a known quantity to this point. There are plenty of things still to show off from the game in this showcase though to get people further on the hype train for Final Fantasy XV.

Final Fantasy XIV continues to be a big success for Square Enix after the full revamp it went through. With the latest expansion, Heavensward, out recently, I imagine Square Enix will want to not only display what their success but also showcase the latest expansion of the game. This will be the kind of successful bragging that you can usually count on from companies when they’re looking to tout what they have done and how it will lead to future gains.

Just Cause 3 looks to be shaping up to be an amazing title. After showing significant trailers of the game showcasing a ton of what the game is bringing to the table, Avalanche Studios has cemented themselves as a studio to watch for their creative and destructive video games. This should be a definite treat to see what else they have on tap for information on the game.