E3 2015: EA Predictions, Rumors & Expectations

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E3 2015 is almost upon us! This week, GameSided staffers will be discussing what we should see, think we’ll see or hope to see out of the eight (!) separate press conferences scheduled to go live starting early next week. Our up-to-date preview schedule: 

So, you’ve just sat through 90 minutes of Microsoft’s jam-packed conference, gaming news is spilling out onto social media like there’s no tomorrow, and now EA has the task of trying to grab your attention for another hour’s worth of announcements. Truth be told, a lot of these games normally feature in Microsoft’s show, and I wouldn’t be surprised if we see the likes of Star Wars Battlefront and FIFA 16 before EA get a chance to present them to us directly.

Is that a reason to skip EA’s conference? Absolutely not! EA have a very busy twelve months ahead of them, and I’d imagine that they’ll struggle to fit everything into their 60-minute slot.

In the 12 months since we last saw EA at an E3 show, they’ve been enjoying success with the releases of Dragon Age: Inquisition and Battlefield Hardline, and their sports division continues to dominate the market. There’s plenty for EA to discuss at E3 2015, so let’s take a peek and see what’s in store.

Things I’m sure  we’ll see at the EA briefing

  • Star Wars Battlefront Gameplay

Star Wars Battlefront is likely to be front and center of EA’s E3 presentation this year. We will see actual gameplay for the first time at the event, following the hefty unveiling of information at the Star Wars Celebration last month.

There’s definitely been some skepticism from both fans and the media in response to the news that the game will be excluding elements of previous Battlefront titles, such as space battles and prequel-era content.

EA have a chance to turn that skepticism into positivity by showing us some impressive gameplay. Whether that is in the form of an all-new gameplay video, live on-stage gameplay, or the sneak peak that some lucky people got to see at the Star Wars Celebration last month, I’ll just be glad to finally see some footage.

  • New Sports Titles

It has become commonplace for EA to showcase trailers and information for their wide breadth of sports titles at E3. This year, I’m expecting more news on the inclusion of women’s soccer in FIFA 16, as well as a brand new trailer.

EA will be keen to inform gamers that the NHL series will be bringing back a range of features this year, and we’re likely to be presented with a new Madden 16 trailer. Of course, there’s usually the obligatory superstar on-stage appearance as well.

Rory McIlroy PGA Tour will almost certainly get a spot on the show with just a month left until it hits the stores, and NBA Live 16 might also get a look-in, as EA continue on their quest to topple 2K’s basketball series.

  • Lots of Need For Speed Information

We know that a new Need For Speed is in the works, and we expect to hear some more information about the key features of the game. EA have also confirmed that we will be getting a new trailer at the EA conference.

I’m hoping for clarification regarding the permanent online connection that the game will require. The news has left a sour taste in the mouths of some fans of the series, but we are promised that despite this limitation, the “benefits are nice.”

  • Mirrors Edge Catalyst

The eagerly awaited sequel to Mirrors Edge won’t be coming out until next year, but after two successive E3 conferences in which EA have teased us with videos but no information, it’s time for EA to unveil some details about the next free-running epic.

In recent days, new information was revealed which showed that EA had filed a trademark and a new domain for “Mirrors Edge Catalyst”. This was followed by a teaser image on Twitter, and then a full reveal on the Mirrors Edge website a few days later.

Mirrors Edge is not going to be a sequel to the first game, but it seems as though Faith will still be the main character. EA have confirmed that we will find out more during the conference next week.

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