The Order: 1886 Story Trailer Finally Brings The Game Appeal


Outside of the top-quality graphical output that we had seen in repeated showings, there has been a lot of skepticism facing The Order: 1886. Sony’s PS4-exclusive outputs have not been overwhelmingly praised by critics so far, and the hallway-corridor-shooter trappings of this title haven’t seemed to bring much promise in promotional material. Thankfully, Sony released the game’s story trailer, highlighting what “The Order” actually is about while showcasing some new game action that we haven’t seen yet.

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At its core, The Order: 1886 is about a collective group of noble knights (named The Order), protecting the realm of man against half-beasts for hundreds of years. Now, in Victorian-era London, these fantastical beasts have seemingly teamed up with a rebel group called The Rebellion, and it’s up to you as Sir Gallahad to stop them. Teaming up among other brothers and sisters of The Order, the game appears to mix traditionally-realized weapons and throws in some almost magical creations, including a hand cannon that fires electrical waves at enemies and is shown to decapitate.

What makes this trailer for The Order: 1886 so markedly different from the others is that, what seems like the first time, there’s a coherent train of thought going into the game’s progression. The idea that our protagonist is toeing the line between uncovering the truth and “insubordination” suggests a depth that I would not have otherwise presumed. Ready At Dawn has been selling itself mainly through its cutscene-level graphics at all times, yet now there’s finally proof that the PS4 can tease intrigue and story over touting its superior hardware capabilities as a console.

The Order: 1886 will be released exclusively on the PS4 on February 20th.

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