Xbox One To Support Streaming Games To Windows 10 Devices


UPDATE: The Xbox Wire has provided more information about Xbox One games streaming live over Windows 10 devices. Streaming must occur over a local wifi network, and can stream supported games. This implies that not all games can be streamed in such a way.

ORIGINAL: As announced during today’s Windows 10 Media Briefing, Microsoft will allow Xbox One games to be streamed to PC and tablet devices that have the Windows 10 OS installed. Part of Microsoft’s goal to further connect people and their computing experiences much easier, it will work similar to remote play on PS4 with their PS Vita device, once Windows 10 is released.

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To further show example of this, Xbox head Phil Spencer was on stage to show himself playing a demo of Forza Horizon 2 using an Xbox One controller via the Microsoft Surface Pro 3 tablet. Resuming iu-action play, once he was done he went into the Xbox One OS architecture and shut off the Xbox One’s power, returning him back to the Xbox App on Windows 10.

While it doesn’t mean that all Xbox One games will be ported to the PC (and we still don’t know the technical specifications and graphical/framerate outputs as of yet), it does go to show that Microsoft is really focusing on creating an inter-connected gaming architecture. Plus, with games like Fable Legends natively designed for cross-platform play, it will be interesting to see just how game developers react to what’s been presented to them in the future.

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