PSN Users Receiving One-Time 10% Discount This Weekend


This past holiday season was a bit of a black spot for both Xbox Live and PSN (much more for PSN users). Both services featured significant slowdown and downtime due to a nefarious group (some of which have since been arrested). As a token of appreciation, the PlayStation Blog has announced that PSN users will have the chance to utilize a one-time 10% discount on the PS Store this weekend.

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Running from January 23rd 9 AM PST – January 26th 9 AM PST, a total cart’s worth of purchases will be priced at 10% off using a promotional code sent to PSN members’ email account later this week. This code will work on currently released game purchases, add-ons, season passes and purchases to own TV and movie content. It cannot be applied to subscriptions for PS Plus, Music Unlimited, PS Now and rental video content, and will not work on pre-orders, either.

Finally, PSN users with PS Plus will start to see their 5-day membership extension roll out in the near future, with an email sent confirming that your usage time has been extended.

As great as it is to offer store discounts to PSN users, one has to wonder how this keeps happening to Sony and its subsidiaries. I don’t have to remind you about PSN being completely dysfunctional for more than 3 weeks back in 2011, nor the fact that private information was taken from more than 77 million users. Hell, Sony Pictures had their emails hacked just this past year.

With all this extra funding coming from PS Plus subscriptions, perhaps Sony should be refocusing their efforts to get their network security structure down pat to prevent this kind of stuff from happening in the future. DDoS’ing is not completely preventable, but it’s surely possible to diminish its effect.

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