Microsoft Announces Microsoft HoloLens For Windows 10


To cap off today’s Windows 10 Media Briefing, Microsoft blew out everyone’s expectations about what they planned to do with augmented reality by announcing Windows Holographic. It is an initiative meant to project holographic images onto the real world, with real-world digital applications and gaming in mind. To help facilitate these holograms (within augmented reality, not in actual reality), Microsoft has also announced Microsoft HoloLens.

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According to a press release, Microsoft HoloLens will be the world’s first untethered holographic computer, completely operating on its own without relying on another PC. Featuring see-through HD lenses and spatial sound, wearing the device will allow you to see and hear augmented inputs overlaid onto the real world. These 3D holograms will be completely manipulative by using Windows universal apps to help create and share to other Windows 10 devices.

With even just a short demonstration provided, we could see how games creation could take entirely new steps towards innovation with Microsoft HoloLens. Remember as a kid pretending that the floor was lava, creating a world where you had to jump from surface to surface to avoid “burning up” by the floor? Imagine if a developer took that novel concept and brought it to life, providing further obstacles in your way?

With Microsoft HoloLens, there are numerous more real-world applications that it can be put forward to over gaming, but at least the opportunities exist for the real creative types to explore what it means to bridge the gap between a game world and the real world.

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