Ori and the Blind Forest Coming This March


Indie games and mid-ranged prices look to be part of a growing trend among console games services. As AAA budgets are exploding in almost unstoppable growth, the desire is still there to experience great games at non-full prices. Ori and the Blind Forest looks to be the newest entry of this type for Microsoft, as the official Twitter account for the game has announced a March 11th release date for both the Xbox One and Steam versions.

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Running up a respectable $19.99 total, Ori and the Blind Forest appears to recapture the beautiful landscapes of 2D Rayman past, while offering up their own unique take on the platform adventure genre. A title four years in the making, what I’ve seen points to a melting pot of Metroidvania meets Child of Light, taking the best of its inspirations (even if Child of Light was just released last year) and creating something new.

As part of a recent press event in San Francisco, reporters had the chance to check out a new area of Ori and the Blind Forest, with the video provided below showcasing how combat and platforming work in this soon-to-be-released title. Yep, it looks like what you would imagine it to look like based off of its E3 2014 trailer debut. Hopefully, Microsoft can share the love it has for promoting Ori and spread it out to further $20 titles waiting to be published.

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