Second Lizard Squad Member Arrested In UK


For those who didn’t spend their holiday time playing PC and Nintendo games, remember how difficult it was to play online games this past Christmastime? That’s because members of DDoS brigade Lizard Squad were busy brute-forcing packets of information to PSN and Xbox Live servers in an effort to slow service to a crawl. Thankfully, police in the UK have been cracking down on Lizard Squad members, as the BBC reports a second member of the group has been arrested.

Occurring in Southport, UK (North of Liverpool and Northwest of Manchester), the arrested 18 year-old has been accused of “unauthorised access to computer material and knowingly providing false information to law enforcement agencies in the US.” The operation to take down this member of Lizard Squad was a joint effort between members of the FBI and cyber crime units in the UK.

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The accused is also suspected of performing successful attempts of “swatting,” where one calls police through Skype and report serious offences on online targets (such as Twitch TV streamers) in an effort for SWAT teams to show up at their homes. It’s a heinous waste of police time and resources, and is indicative of the no-“cares”-given attitude of members of Lizard Squad. Hopefully, actions like these will start to deter others from performing such offences in the future, while maximum punishments are handed out at every opportunity possible.

Bridging the gap between the appearance of a “no consequences” internet and the real world will do a world of help to combat toxic online behaviour.

h/t Eurogamer

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