Free Dark Souls II Updates Prepares For The Game’s Future


With Dark Souls II: Scholar of the First Sin scheduled for a Q2 2015 release, the development team at From Software have been hard at work in preparation for the updates to both the visuals and the gameplay. This much can be seen firsthand starting February 5th, as the Dark Souls II official Facebook page has announced that a free patch will be arriving that will bring story and gameplay enhancements to the action-JRPG title.

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Not only do we actually get to see The Scholar of the First Sin, as an NPC, within the pre-DLC established world, but we get a glimpse at some of the changes aimed towards balance and general multiplayer play. For example, instead of bending to players’ demands and getting rid of the soul memory concept (which would likely involve a major rework of the game’s coding), an Agape Ring has been introduced to absorb souls instead of you collecting additional souls throughout your journey. It should affect the kind of players that invade your game.

Further changes to Dark Souls II, outside of error fixes, include changes to covenants. Bell Keepers can get more than just Titanite Chunks, the Brotherhood of Blood add +2 devotion to their covenant for defeating summoned Blue Sentinels and Covenant of Champions members can actually fight enemies post-respawn limit at the cost of more damage inflicted by their weapons. Finally, descriptions of certain items have been expanded to help both add flavor to the lore and to explain previously hidden special effects that they held.

There will be scheduled maintenance for Dark Souls II on February 4th from 9 AM – 12 PM EST in order to prepare for this update. After that, we will get to see for ourselves just exactly what this new Scholar brings to the world before his paid content update goes live on April 3rd for the PC, PS4, Xbox One, PS3 and Xbox 360.

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